everything you need to protect you and your family's health, wealth, and personal security.


everything you need to protect you and your family's health, wealth, and personal security.

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everything you need to protect you and your family's health, wealth, and personal security.


We specialize in Trust & Estate Planning for clients across the United States, with a physical presence in both Arizona and Utah. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us!




For over 30 years, Generation Living Trusts has been providing personalized estate planning services to clients in the privacy of their own homes.

Additionally, we’ve built a vast referral network of skilled brokers, financial planners, CPAs, bankers and insurance professionals who rely on our hands-on experience to assist their clients as they seek to protect themselves and their families from the perils associated with probate.

We’ll visit you at your home and discuss your estate needs, free of charge

Generation Living Trusts offers a Living Trust Portfolio, It is an extensive estate planning solution designed to safeguard your assets, health, and personal security from the daunting task of probate or conservatorship. This portfolio comprises either 11 legal documents for couples or 8 for individuals. It provides comprehensive tools for managing your affairs during your lifetime and ensuring your wishes are respected posthumously. Included in this portfolio is a meticulously crafted series of legal and supportive documents.

A Trust Overview

Outlines all of the elements of your trust portfolio; provides you with checklists for listing key advisors; assists with a detailed overview of ‘What to Do When a Loved One Dies’; and presents you with a ‘Locator List’ wherein important documents can be retrieved by your heirs and the decision-makers you’ve chosen.

A Living Trust

This confidential trust document assists you in avoiding probate, avoiding ‘Conservatorship’ (living probate), and details the distribution of assets to your heirs as you’ve outlined. Your Living Trust also denotes specific powers you’ve granted to Trustees and Successor Trustees in administering the affairs of your trust estate.

Revocable Living Trust

It’s the most effective tool for preserving your estate. By placing your assets in a Revocable Living Trust, you can avoid the perils of Probate. There are no delays in distributing assets to your loved ones, in the privacy of your own home – all while your wishes are honored.

Living Will(s)

This is a ‘medical directive’ that provides a way for you to dictate your personal desires regarding your end-of-life care. It satisfies changes to the HIPAA laws and gives you and your family peace of mind when concerns arise over whether you are being ‘artificially’ kept alive.

Pour-Over Will(s)

At the time of death, a Pour-Over Will transfers any of your assets that are outside your Trust, into your Trust. It also supersedes and updates your Will.

Schedule of Trust Assets

A flexible, practical area that lists all of your financial accounts, records the transfer of any assets you’ve decided to place into the trust, and allows for proper review of any personal items you’ve decided to ‘gift’ to your family or friends. Over time this section provides a system for adding or deleting assets to and from your trust so that on-going administration is easier.

Durable General Power(s) of Attorney

This grants you the power to appoint others to manage assets left outside your trust. If your are declared incompetent or incapacitated, this document will allow those you’ve chosen to place all assets left outside the Living Trust into the Trust, enjoying protection for your estate.

Medical Power(s) of Attorney

This healthcare-related document also abides by the HIPAA laws and allows you to appoint individuals to speak on your behalf (and honor your wishes) if and when you are unable to make your own health care decisions. It also includes an option for indicating burial or cremation arrangements and allows you to select Guardianship for yourself and mental health advocates to speak on your behalf.

Community Property Agreement

(Married couples ONLY) – because Arizona is one of only a few ‘community property states’ in the country, this document allows you to properly transfer your assets in or out of your estate without intrusion or hassles.

On-site Delivery/Notarization /Follow-up

Gives you an overview and the details surrounding how assets were transferred into your Living Trust; it discusses how a personalized ‘Family Letter’ might be drafted by you and incorporated into your trust document; and includes a series of pre-written cover letters that you may use in transferring personal assets into the trust during your lifetime. Additionally, it includes a new ‘Trust Certification’ letter that you can use to verify the formal and legal presence of your trust over the period of your life.

Funding & Support Documents

Our services include complete on-site delivery of all your Living Trust Portfolio documents, notarizing of all legal documents included in the portfolio, along with detailed instructions on how to complete your ‘funding’ process, personalized follow-up and on-going support should you have question in years to come about your trust estate.

Certificate of Trust

This is a mini-version of your trust document that provides all necessary information needed by banks, credit unions, brokers, etc. in the proper transfer of trust assets into your trust without divulging private information regarding your estate.

Are you and your family protected from the perils of probate? Call us today and let’s talk about the best solution for you and your family.